EpilepsyWalletCard.com can be used to generate your own personalized epilepsy wallet card but versatile enough to meet most emergency medical card needs.

EpilepsyWalletCard.com idea was born when I was searching for a free printable emergency wallet identification card for my Son. I came across many options but none of them included all the information I wanted displayed on the personalized medical ID wallet card.

While designing the wallet card I thought others may want to have their own personalized emergency medical identification wallet card too.

That's when I started the project on building EpilepsyWalletCard.com, so others could generate their own printable personalized medical id wallet card easily and free.

EpilepsyWalletCard.com does not collect or store any personal information. The information that is entered into the form is used only to generate your personalized emergency medical ID card as a PDF document.

If you found this site useful, please help spread the word to help others find this website so they can generate their own personalized emergency medical identification card free.

Thank you for visiting EpilepsyWalletCard.com.

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